Printing your Headshots

Be prepared with your professional 8×10 prints

     Now that you’ve invested in professional headshots, the next step is having them professionally printed and ready to be delivered in a moments notice. The difference in having them professionally printed vs at a print kiosk at a drug store is all in the color and paper quality. Sure it might be convenient at a kiosk, but that’s exactly what they are set up for, convenience. They don’t calibrate their printers which negates the color correction I perform while retouching, and the paper isn’t the best quality. So being that your headshots are essentially your business card for the talent industry, is this something you really want to cut corners on? No, it’s not. You never know when you’re going to get that next call from a casting director or talent agency asking you to submit a physical headshot, so why not have a high quality set of them on hand?  Whether it’s a local call you’re walking into, or something in a city across the country where you need to mail off asap, having a few of these on hand is something to consider. When you are ready to order, I have the following 4 designs below that you may choose from, click on any one of them and scroll through them to view in full format. There’s a button below where you can start your order, please be sure to include the image file number (found in your proofing gallery) along with the exact spelling of how you want your name to appear.