Contemporary Portraits


As a Louisville portrait photographer, I’ve spent over the past 20 years finding my creative voice and honing my skills within the art of photography. Inspired by the lighting of the old masters painting and infused with modern aesthetics, I create timeless portraits for my clients. You are unforgettable and so your legacy should be preserved with a curated portrait sitting that results with art meant to live in your home. My award winning portrait work is created through a high end luxe experience. Portraits that capture one’s legacy and essence are complimented by soft, moody lighting with strong emotions set against an array of hand painted Oliphant backdrops. Each of my backdrops have been custom made to my personal style by the same family owned business whose canvases have graced the pages of Vanity Fair and Vogue. As a portrait photographer, my job doesn’t stop at adjusting the settings on my camera, in fact it goes far beyond that by connecting with you as a person to create memorable experience. When’s the last time you’ve stepped into a photography studio with an experience that resonates with your emotions? I would love the opportunity to sit down and chat with you about forming ideas of for that very experience, so please feel free to reach out and let’s start planning!