Corporate Headshots Louisville

Your business headshots are many times the first impression a potential client will have. Whether itโ€™s in an email signature, television ads or on a LinkedIn profile, itโ€™s out there. โ€‹You need to maintain a leading edge in your industry. Therefore, you canโ€™t afford to have mediocre or outdated headshots, those will wane off reputability. You need professional headshots that convey credibility and trust which in return promotes growth and sales. This is a cornerstone investment if you will. My efficient process of consulting and coaching further aids in enhancing that investment by delivering corporate headshots that are proven to be next level. As a result, your new headshots will be modern, refined and full of personality. We will have fun, I promise. The days of department store headshots have passed. You, your employees and your clients deserve better. Set your employee and personal branding apart with a professional headshot experience.

Corporate Headshots

Your employees are the face of your company, therefore visual uniformity is essential. For this reason, professional corporate headshots are photographed on either a gray or white background. This aesthetic also sets the standard for uses such as LinkedIn profiles or personal branding.ย Companies also have their own personality, with this in mind, office headshots can also be photographed using the office surroundings as a backdrop.

Company Headshots

If you have a team of 8 or more employees, it’s more cost efficient for your company if I come on location and photograph your employees.

Contact me for to receive your custom quote for on location company headshots.

Corporate Headshots Success

This was my second try at getting professional headshots done. Gary was the best by far! He made me feel like I was a professional model with years of experience having my photo taken; and that I am not! The resulting photos I received for my professional business pages ARE AMAZING!

Sonia Robinson

Owner & Principal, Spanish Translation LLC

The photos of our entire team turned out beautifully and we could not be more pleased. The best part was that he came to our office, gave great direction and ran ahead of schedule. He made the whole experience so easy for us.

Bill Barber

Owner & Agent, ISU Insurance and Investment Group

I loved how professional and friendly Gary was! It made the shoot fly by and made a person who’s usually uncomfortable in the spotlight look flawless in my professional headshots! 10/10 would book again. You really can’t go wrong.

Tiffany Rice

Pharmacist, Walgreens

Why you Need Professional Business Headshots

If you are a client facing professionals then you need a tool that establishes you brand as a trusted authority. A professional headshot is that tool. It’s the first contact many clients will have of you.

Bad headshots, mediocre snaps and selfies are the enemy. They indicate a lack of professionalism and can ruin first impressions. If you don’t care about your public image, then neither will the public.

A professional headshot is a cornerstone investment into your corporate or personal branding. When your headshots convey approachability and credibility, then you are set apart from the competition!