Actor Headshots Louisville

You are your own brand, set yourself apart, you deserve it. 

When it comes to talent, whether you’re an actor, model or even a musician, there are several different styles of headshots. The two main categories for actor headshots are commercial and theatrical, each with their own distinct purposes. In your session, we will work to get an array of both styles so that you are best prepared for your audition and confidently submit your headshots. It’s important to understand that these headshots are the key that unlocks the door to you getting in front of the right people and presenting your talents! It’s also important to understand the specifics that agencies need to get you work, because of this I work closely work with them to ensure these needs are met. Below are a few examples of what each of styles look like.

Commercial Headshots

Commercial Headshot by Gary Barragan Photography

Commercial actor headshots are designed to attract advertising work by promoting to specific audiences or demographics. These are beautifully lit with a genuine smile and fully illuminated face. You, your casting agent or talent manager and myself want a reactive expression. This is something I will pull during the session through direction and sometimes off the wall questions or comments. The end goal of this particular style of headshot is to secure a talking role on a national commercial.

Theatrical Headshots

The theatrical acting headshot (or also known as an editorial headshot in the modeling industry), is where we can start to collaborate with our arts and have fun with emulating different characters. We further explore these characters through a combination of moody lighting along with different expressions and clothing from the actor. The purpose of this type of headshot is to get the actors casted in films, plays and television shows by showing their dynamic range of emotion. With modeling talent these are used to land work in print.

Fun fact – These don’t have to just be for actors or models! This artistic choice is perfect for anyone who wants to have an edgy vibe to their headshots.

Headshots for Child Actors

Headshots for Child Actors Child Models
Headshots for Youth Actors Youth Models
Example of good child headshots

I love working with the kids! They are fun, and even at a young age are still very full of personality. I personally find it very rewarding to create headshots for child actors and models who then go on to see continued success as their talent career grows. Whether it’s for on screen or print, you, your agency and I will collaborate on ideas to get the most from your child’s session.

Headshots on Colored Backgrounds

No, your acting headshot does not have to be on a gray or white background. In fact, let’s break some rules and get really creative! We can mix in colors and textures and then wrap it all together with your personality. Popular with students who need college theatre headshots, these allow the opportunity to be more unique to the actor.    

Cinematic Headshots

Cinematic style Headshots! Of the many different styles of headshots this one is my favorite. Even though the background is not the focus, by shooting in an outside environment, we can convey a different angle to your story. It can add drama or a Hollywood film aesthetic, inducing a more organic story as opposed to using a backdrop in the studio. These type of headshots can be either commercial or theatrical, as it always goes back to the emotion the talent expressed.

Personal Branding

You are your own brand and this is the session you need to take it to the next level. We will spend more time working to create a robust suite of editorial style portraits and high-end headshots. Nothing says you've taken control of your personal brand management quite like having a solid set of images ready at the whim of a casting director's request or a refined online presence with consistent and professional images.

Reasons for a Personal Branding session - 

  • Portfolio development for agency marketing, social media use and website building.
  • Actors Gallery for submitting to casting calls and marketing your brand on IMDb or Actors Access.
  • Professional comp card development which entails headshots and portraits.

Why Professional Actors and Models need Professional Headshots

You’ve been working hard to hone your talent and get your foot in the door. Behind that door is an opportunity to present your art. A professional headshot is the key to opening that door.

Bad headshots, mediocre snaps and selfies are the enemy. If you do not have a professional headshot that visually sets yourself apart you will get over looked with the other terrible submissions.

A professional headshot is cornerstone investment into your career. When you hire me, you’re hiring a professional that genuinely cares. I guaranty we will create images that garners engagement.