It’s a question asked many times and it’s a question that can be answered many ways. But when it comes down to it, there is only one true reason why headshots are so important. They are important because they represent who you are as a person, they are your first impression in a digital world and they are the cornerstone of your brand awareness. Abbie Purdue, a talented model who’s work I’ve been following for sometime. While on set we were chatting about life and careers where she enlightened me to the fact that she is also a business communications major. Dual careered if you will, and if you have two careers then it’s probably a good idea to have a headshot for each. I personally use two different headshots. I have one for all my branding, social media and press submissions then I have a second one I strictly use for my LinkedIn. Now Abbie is as equally prepared as well, during our session we photographed her headshots creating a robust suite of range, from my hand painted Oliphant Backdrop to a high end corporate aesthetic. Perfect to cover her modeling career and her future career once she graduates. So now whether she’s attending a casting where she needs to bring a modeling 8 x 10, or applying for an internship, we’ve got her brand management sitting in a pretty nice position. Best of luck to you my friend!

“​There is no denying the fact that a good headshot is a must for most career and growth opportunities that arise. When I needed new branding headshots, Gary was my only choice! As an experienced, skilled, and talented photographer, he not only helped me portray myself in the best presentable way but he also made the session relaxed and a lot of fun! As a trained photographer, he understands the subtleties of body language and expression and served as my guide and coach to help me collaboratively create some of my favorite portraits! I could not be happier with the beautiful shots. Thanks Coach G! You are the best.” – Abbie Purde

Ps… we have lots of fun on set. Because laughs, it’s good for the soul!

Let’s create your experience next! You can get more information by visiting my Headshots page. Cheers!