If there is one thing that being a part of the world class Headshot Crew has taught is that to be prepared for every situation. Whether that pertains to tricky lighting situations or having the tools to take your client’s headshots experience to the next level, it’s good to have a few essential tools under your belt, I call mine the Headshot Survival Kit. Every professional headshot photographer should have something similar, why? Because life happens. Client has a suit that attracts lint? No problem, I’ve got that covered. Dirty glasses? Nope, those things are getting cleaned before you even step in front of my camera. Collars that want to be free as bird and fly away? Wrong, this is headshot land not a Skynard concert. For myself even, did I drink too much coffee? Most likely, I’ve got myself covered with 5 Peppermint Cobalt gum. This is my first video insight into just one element of what sets my brand apart from others and in return, gets the clients some rockin’ headshots! Check out the video and then leave a comment of what you think it’s missing or what you have in yours! Cheers Amigos!