At the beginning of the year I set a goal to advance my headshot portrait work to a world class standard. I knew I would need to further educate myself in not just the art, but the technique as well. For the direction I wanted to go, I felt the best course of action was to study under world renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley. Over this past year, I have been closely studying with him in person and through his online education group Headshot Crew, learning and growing, fueled by the desire to continue delivering the best headshots in the region. On Wednesday November 29th 2017,  I put my portfolio in front of him to personally review and well… I’m proud to announce that I am now an Associate Photographer of his. What that means is my work has excelled above his standards and he can put his trust in me as an associate knowing that I will deliver some of the best rockin’ headshots in the world, while elevating our own market here in Kentucky. It’s an accomplishment I’ve worked my ass off for and I’m honored to reach this milestone in my career. To put this in perspective, there are less than 100 fellow associate photographers of his around the globe. So what does this mean to you? Two things. The first is knowing I care that much about my work with you, my amazing clients, that I’m willing to invest time and money to further hone my skill sets as an expert. The second is that if someone is looking to have Peter photograph their headshots but aren’t able to make it to NY to work with him but they happen to live in the Kentucky region, I am one of a select few he is able to recommend for their needs. I will still work independently under my own brand but you can think of it like this… remember when Yoda completed Obi Wan’s training and he became a Jedi Knight? It’s the same thing principal, except I use light strobes instead of light sabers. It’s a title I will proudly carry through out my career and I look forward to seeing you in front of my camera! Cheers!
Louisville Kentucky Peter Hurley Headshot Crew Associate Photographer Gary Barragan

Peter Hurley and myself

Associate Photographer