What exactly constitutes a headshot? By definition, approximately 30% of a headshot’s frame should be taken up by your face with the remaining frame’s real estate split up between your shoulders and negative space… nothing more, nothing less. But now days, I’m starting to see this happen quite often, a headshot advertisement with an image that has the person’s arms or hands and in some cases 3/4th of a person’s body, this may leave you puzzled because you’ve just read the word “headshot”. That’s not fair to you, in fact it’s misleading, and once you understand what technically defines a headshot, you will better appreciate the photographers who specialize in providing this service. I’ve opened this education piece with the technical side of creating a headshot, but let’s not forget the art that goes into creating it as well. As your photographer, it’s my job to capture your best true to life appearance that allows for your confidence and personality to radiate. With those two elements combined (technical and art) we define the true form of a headshot. Now the work that goes into harnessing that confidence and personality is a bit far more complex but we’ll save that for when we begin our consultation. But for now, let’s just think of your headshot as the most up close and organic portrait of you. No arms or hands that can lead the viewer from your expression. No heavy or beauty make-up to mask your true self. No posing on a chair or table to completely switch up the aesthetics or the goal of what a headshot is designed to do. By sharing this you my friends, I hope to shed light on the value of what goes into creating a genuine image of who you truly are. Cheers!

Examples of Professional Headshots by Industry Standards

Actors Headshots – Commerical

Professional Actor Headshots Louisville Photographer Gary Barragan

Modeling Headshot

Business Headshot Photographer Louisville

LinkedIn Headshots

Actors Headshots – Commercial

Cinematic Headshots, Molly Kays Heyman Talent Agency

Cinematic Headshot

Corporate Business Headshot

Examples of styles that are mislabeld as headshots

Beauty Portrait – High end retouching, bare shoulders and both hands in the frame near her face.

Business Portrait with 3/4 Composition.

Lifestyle – Could of been a cinematic headshot but we have the introduction of her fingers

Portraiture, almost her entire body is in view, moody lighting.

Now that we have you up to speed on what is a true headshots, let’s take the next step and get you in the studio!