​As a photographer, my job does not stop at understanding light or mastering the technical innards of my camera. In fact, that is honestly only the beginning, because truth be told, you can have the most beautifully lit set with the perfect combination of camera settings, but if the person you are photographing is not comfortable or if there is not a human connection, then all that technical work will of been done in vain. The years I’ve spent learning light and set technicalities are only aids in the end goal, to capture the person in front of my camera in their utmost genuine way. Whether it’s finding a common interest, suggesting an off the wall idea or simply allowing them to view the work straight from the camera to break them into a relaxed state of being, this is something that must be done. Through this method, I’ve discovered that each of my sessions have a few gems that contain a raw candid moment, and it’s these that I adore the most as they reflect the true uncut moments, creating an experience, not just a session. So even though, I may be cutting up and clicking away on the camera, I’m actually working diligently to create an experience that you will surely value. These moments below are just a few of what has happened in the past year.  I look forward to creating many more, cheers amigos!
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