In today’s world of social media, thumb scrolling and time crunches, your headshot is just as important, if not more than a firm handshakes and solid business cards. I can’t express this anymore, no matter the industry you are in, you are your own brand and therefore you will want to look your best in your headshot.

1.      Professional make-up artists, are not only well versed in their craft, they also understand how our lighting works. The lighting techniques used for headshots are designed to bring out your best features and to create an organically flattering image and they simply add to this process using their own techniques.

2.      There is a difference in make-up applications. You would not wear the same type of make-up to a job interview as you would for a night out on the town with the girls. We are going for natural looks by using complimenting and soft colors. Again, my team understands that the goal of a headshot is to keep you not only looking natural, but ensuring the attention stays on you (not the contouring or bold eye shadows for example).

3.      Professional hair stylists on site help with the fly-away hairs! Their attention to detail and products used will help keep these squared away, which in return leaves more time to our connection and keeping the session moving forward. It can be quite distracting if I have to leave from behind the camera and help with the fly-ways. Think about it, we are on a roll, we’re getting the range a headshot session should entail, then boom. We have to stop to tend to those. Nope! We want the energy uninterrupted.

4.      Attention to styling details! Yes, my make-up artists and hair stylists do this as well. At your session, you are most likely to bring several different outfits, and not only can they assist with piecing the best together they also keep an eye out for us during the session. While I am concentrating on our connection and pulling out your best, they are keeping an eye for tucked collars or off center plackets (that’s the button line on the front of your shirt). We want you looking sharp and dazzling.

5.      Using a professional make-up artist and hair stylist ultimately saves time in post-production and ultimately allows me to get your edited images back to you faster. Touching back on all the previous points, if there are fly-away hairs, make up or clothing corrections I have to edit, I am essentially taking away from what was organically taken at our session. I don’t want that, you don’t want that either, again, our goal is staying true to life and as natural as possible!

When planning your headshots, you are more than welcomed to do your own hair and make-up, however I can promise you this… using a team that I have worked alongside for the past few years will help in creating headshots that will set your brand apart! You will also not only walk away with amazing headshots and personal branding from a professional team, but you will also walk away with a memorable experience!

All make-up on the headshots above were done by the Beauty Patrol make-up artists.