Upon arriving in Mexico, one of the first things I noticed was all the rich textures, shapes and colors… at that point I knew I would be rendezvousing with my roots and shooting images that I would later process into Black & White, aka Monochrome. Five days down there simply was not enough but I managed to make the most of the time and gear that I brought along for the trip… besides what photographer goes on their honeymoon and doesn’t at least half way prepare for photographic opportunities? Not this one. 🙂
     People always ask me about my Monochrome images and compliment how brilliant they are. I’m even asked how do I get them to look the way that they do… and I always answer that I simply observe a subject or scenery and begin envisioning my sights in Monochrome. Textures, leading lines, contrasting hues and shadows are are just a few elements I look for that will later compliment the image as I process it with my personal style. 
     “Texture – the characteristic physical structure given to a material, an object, etc., by the size, shape, arrangement, and proportions of its parts.”
     Xichen Itzha & Historic Valladolid… we took a day tour to visit both these sites and we’re amazed at the rich culture and beauty these places had to offer. The brilliant architecture of Xichen Itzha and the Temple of Kulkulkan are nothing short of magnificent. It was very interesting to learn about the ancient Mayan civilization and all their astonishing accomplishments and way of life. I hope what I captured there serves at least a shred of justice in their beauty and respect.
     Later afer leaving the ruins we stopped in Valladolid for some more site seeing and dining. Upon entering the main square you could feel you were stepping into a time from the days of the Spanish occupation. This historic little town offered colonial era churches such as the Cathedral of San Gervasio and few natural springs other wise known as Cenotes. 
     La Comida, the food, nothing short of 5 star dining… Visually stunning displays of culinary arts, sometimes we didn’t even want to taste intricate flavors that would await us but rather take a few moments and admire what was presented to us. 
     Waking at 5 in the morning has it’s rewards, from catching the sunrises to enjoying the resort without anyone disturbing the calming beauty that only happens at this time… I also finally experienced a sunrise so beautiful and worthy of HDR in which I could not pass up,I was thankful for bringing my tripod and variable neutral density filter for this trip.
     After a couple mornings of shooting the sunrises I decided to go explore the rest of the resort a bit more and I ended up stumbling upon the spa (queue up angelic horns and a glowing aurora lol). Upon opening the doors to the spa, I found myself in total awe as I took in all visual eye candy that laid before me. The architecture was beautiful and inviting… leading lines, curves, soft lighting and contrasting shapes. I never really shot architecture before so I had no clue on what I was doing but I knew I wanted to shoot it! All I had to go on was common sense, my artistic eye and the gear I had with me. That morning I was very thankful to have packed my 16-35mm f/2.8L.

     “Leading Lines – the lines within an image that leads the eye to another point in the image, or occasionally, out of the image. Anything with a definite line can be a leading line. Fences, bridges, even a shoreline can lead the eye.”

     And this about sums up our honeymoon from the perspective of a photographer. We had the loveliest time of our lives down in The Yucatan, two people not only newly weds but lovers and best friends as well. We couldn’t ask for anything more… well except more time down there. From entire days enjoying the clear waters to touring the country side and visiting Mayan ruins… this trip was quite the one to remember. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and viewing this entry just as much as I enjoyed capturing these memories and inviting you in for a small glimpse of our trip. 

The Beloved Resort 
Xichen Itzha Mayan Ruins 
Historic Valladolid, Yucatan


Canon 5D Mark III
16-35mm f/2.8L II
24-105mm f/4L
70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II
Tiffen Variable ND Filters
Manfrotto 190CX PRO4 Tripod
Black Rapid RS-4
Tamarac Evolution 9
Think Tank Airport International V2.0

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Special thanks to Outdoor Photo Gear for taking care of me on the Think Tank Airport International  V2.0 literally days before we left.