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Hi, I’m Gary Barragan, your trusted professional Louisville headshot photographer for the Kentucky and surrounding areas. Professional headshots are now more than ever essential to your personal branding and online presence as we are fully immersed in the digital age. Whether it’s an acting headshot or a business headshot for your Linkedin, you can’t afford missed opportunities because of a bad headshot. Thankfully you’ve found the right photographer! I want to see you succeed, this starts with preparation coaching leading into confidence building at your session that will result in high end headshots that set you apart. I have worked closely with regional acting and modeling agencies such as Heyman Talent and the Helen Wells Agency as well as companies such as PCF & Associates, Sysco and Eclipse Bank and Fourth Street Live.

Actor Headshots

Commercial Headshots, Theatrical Headshots & Musical Theatre Headshots

Theatrical Commercial Headshots for Professional Actors and Child Actors

When it comes to acting or modeling headshots, it’s important to understand that investing in a professional photographer is going to get you in front of the right people. It’s the start of your personal branding. In short, casting directors and talent agencies go through hundreds of actors headshots a day. However, a unique and professional high-quality headshot is going to make you stand out. My process is certainly not cookie cutter. Your experience begins in a relaxed studio atmosphere where you can be comfortable enough to be what’s most important, you! As a result, the talent I work with have some of the most reputable headshots Louisville has seen in its performing arts community. I also work closely with regional agencies so I understand what they are looking for. I want you to land that audition, you deserve it!

Business Headshots

Corporate Headshots & LinkedIn Headshots

Corporate Business Headshots for Groups

Sounds boring, right? Well, corporate headshots don’t have to be. In fact, they actually can and should be fun and results driven! Consequently if they are bland, stuffy or like a department store ad from the 90’s then you are not winning. You need a modern corporate headshot that promotes credibility to earn client’s trust. There are plenty of photographers in Louisville Kentucky who may offer headshots but do they offer a true experience? My system of constant lighting and tethered coaching will  capture you or your team’s approachability and confidence in a striking manner. Corporate  or business headshots are the new business card for today’s times. Just as you would with a business card, your headshot should make a solid first impression whether it’s on your LinkedIn profile, email signature or your Zoom avatar. 

Child and Youth Actors and Models

Is your kid ready to start acting or modeling? Then yes they will need child actor headshots! As my gift to you and your child, new youth actors and models will receive one extra complimentary retouched image to help boost their portfolio.

Company Headshots On-Location

Do you have a team of professionals such as sales, management or executives? Are their images uniform? If not, they should be! I specialize in helping companies with their employee branding at a companywide level. When a potential client clicks on the “About Us” or “Our Team” they need to immediately feel confident in your team. Inconsistent styles, poor lighting and sloppy appearances are simply unprofessional. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. My process will ensure visual uniformity of your team’s branding. A stunning roster of a high impact visual aesthetic will also promote credibility which in return leads to growth and sales. It’s simple, I come to you, I tend to the appearance and coach every individual that steps in front of my camera, and we will have a great time doing it!

Professional Headshot Photographer

Success Stories

“I’m not photogenic. I’ve never taken a good picture.” –  I’ve heard this plenty of times, however I will prove just how photogenic you truly are!  In fact, it’s not even your job to be photogenic or to take a good picture. That’s my job! It’s my responsibility to study your energy, gauge your reactions and then press the button at the precise moment. Once you step in front of my camera I will work to change your self perception. This will result in capture you in the most flattering way possible. I want you walking away feeling more confident than ever in yourself with memories of the fun experience.

I came from Cincinnati to work with Gary because his photography is THAT good. It was absolutely worth the trip. He provides a relaxing environment and truly cares about capturing the best photos possible. It was extremely hard to narrow down which photos I wanted retouched, because they were so many great ones.

Graham Lutes

Actor and Model, Heyman Talent Agency

When I needed professional headshots for my personal branding, I wanted the best possible photographer for my shoot. Gary Barragan used his amazing talent, experience, and wisdom to guide our session. He patiently coached me through the shoot and made sure we were both 110% satisfied before our session ended.

Abbie Purdue

Communications Major, University of Kentucky

Working in a fairly traditional industry, we knew that we wanted our images to maintain the classic elements of a professional headshot, but we needed something that would be a fresh interpretation. Gary perfectly captured this request! Our new images offer a modern aesthetic that perfectly align with our new branding.

Heather Rouse Weeks

Creative Director, Unified Trust Company

Where to Get Professional Headshots Taken

With my studio conveniently located in the Nulu area of the downtown Louisville, I’m a quick stroll or drive for actors and their agencies along with those working in the business district. Now that you’ve found me, you understand the need for a photographer that will create headshots that set you apart from the competition. Together with my signature lighting and tethered coaching, I provide an experience that delivers the professional headshot you need. Below are the steps that I’ve perfected to help you succeed –


Professional Photographer for Headshots

Through my direction, we will bring out your personality and most attractive features. We’ll laugh, we’ll have fun, but furthermore, you’ll see the results within the first few shots I promise! Having fun is good for the soul, and also helps you relax.

Choosing a Louisville Headshot Photographer


In Studio Headshots Review

We will have the luxury of reviewing your images on screen as we create them. This is a visual tool that aids with coaching you up. This also allows us to have a true collaborative experience, ensuring you leave 110% confident in your session.

Headshots on Colored Backgrounds


Professional Headshots by Gary Barragan

My philosophy behind a professional headshot is a true to life representation of yourself. I use a professional retouching techniques to achieve this. As a result, you’ll receive modern upscaled yet natural looking images that get you noticed!

Women Actors Headshots

Professional Headshots

When you have a professional headshot, you have the key to auditions, casting calls, new employment and promotions. It’s an investment to hire a headshot photographer expert who can pull your confidence and personality through the camera. Your headshots should pop off the page rather than being mediocre and poorly lit. Here is a list of ways my clients have used their professional headshot –

Find a Professional Louisville Photographer

     There are several questions you should be asking when deciding on a professional photographer, these factors can identify the experts.
Do they specialize in one or two niches, or are they a one stop shop for all photography needs?
  • If they are a specialist, then they have invested in education and time to becoming an expert in their art. With that comes a sense of trust in knowing you are also making a wise investment. Headshot experts are the first step in personal branding management because they create the ultimate marketing tool for you.
Does their style suit your tastes and is their style uniform?
  • Look at their work, it should be consistent and stand out. More importantly, look at their style. You should immediately be attracted to it and envision your headshots in their style. If their work stops your browsing then so will your headshots.
Do you see value in the investment?
  • Finally, is there a true value in your investment or would you be ridiculously nickel and dimed? Perhaps priced too low? This can be equally as bad.

Louisville Headshot Photographer

Headshots Louisville Photographer Gary Barragan

Louisville Photographer Gary Barragan

Photographing professionally since 2012, Gary Barragan is Louisville’s trusted professional headshot photographer specializing in modern high-end headshots for actors and business professionals. His signature style of professional headshots is recognized as the next level standard for professional Kentucky headshots and is a preferred photographer for multiple talent agencies and companies across the region. With an editorial infused style and laid-back demeanor, Gary has earned a reputable name among his clients which range from fashion and film circles to doctors and executives. Through his love for the art of image making, he has cemented a pathway tell countless stories and create continued success for his clients over the years.

Gary also has the honor of being an Associate Photographer for world class headshot educator Peter Hurley. His distinguished position as an Associate for Peter’s Headshot Crew showcases him as one of the best headshot photographers in the world.